A Turnkey Azure Deployment: Simple, Easy, Fast!

  • Pre-Architected Framework

  • Removes Azure Guesswork

  • No Complicated, Expensive Planning Steps

  • Set Up and Configure Azure in One Meeting!

High-level visual example of a standard commercial Airnet Azure Foundations deployment

High-level visual example of a standard commercial Airnet Azure Foundations deployment


Airnet Azure Foundations is a great fit for all industries - especially government, finance, insurance, and education! Click the icons below for more information!

What You Need to Know

  • Streamlines planning and deployment options for Azure resources in a standardized, scripted way

  • Incorporates redundant data centers, including security-hardened production, high business impact, pre-production, storage, and more

  • Provides a secure, flexible Azure environment that is deployed and organized for current and future state

  • Significantly reduces the work and investment required to get Azure VMs set up

How To Get Started

Airnet's standard Azure Foundations is deployed in one meeting by answering these pre-planning questions:

  1. What Azure Regions do you want to use?

  2. What three letter Azure naming designation do you use?

  3. What IP range is needed? (A/16 is deployed by default)

Airnet Azure Foundations can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements. It works best when combined with the Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT). This tool provides inventory, performance, and cost data on your IT infrastructure to make a direct comparison to Azure.

What Do You Get By Deploying Foundations?

1. All required subscriptions:

  • Sandbox

  • Services

  • Dev-Test (Pre-production)

  • Production

2. Segmented infrastructure

3. Core network infrastructure

  • Required virtual networks

  • Subnets defined by workload

  • Network security group

  • Network gateways and VPN endpoints

4. Resource Groups

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