Airnet Managed IT Services:

  • Operating System Management and Support

  • Hybrid or Cloud Hosting Services

  • System Standardization and Tuning

  • Enterprise Applications Support

  • Business Continuity

  • Security and Compliance

  • IT Infrastructure Management

    • Cloud

    • Hybrid

    • On-Premises (Physical or Virtual Machines)

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support (423.664.7678 Ext. 2)

  • Availability and Performance Monitoring

  • Data Management

Featured Operational Managed Services Projects

IT Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure is a broad topic - as is our ability to service a large variety of IT infrastructure needs. We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced plans but find most often that customers decide a customized plan fits their needs the best. 

24/7/365 Technical Support

Airnet is staffed around the clock to ensure that systems are being monitored, issues are being escalated, and more. Inconvenient situations or errors are likely to happen in the IT world, but we are here to ensure that we respond quickly and effectively if and when they do. 

Availability and Performance Monitoring

Availability and performance monitoring is offered to ensure your servers and applications are available, meeting service expectations, and are performing optimally. Our proactive monitoring capabilities allow us to spot issues early and suggest or implement a fix before end-users experience a major problem.

Data Management

Not all companies manage their data the same way. There seems to be less time in the day and fewer resources available, so let Airnet assist your company when determining how to best clean, consolidate, rationalize, and distribute your data. 

Operating System Management and Support

Airnet utilizes the latest in Configuration Management tools to manage your infrastructure. We aid in developing standard images, track vulnerabilities in deployed Operating Systems, and automatically deploy patches for you on regular schedules.

Hybrid and Cloud Hosting Services

The best thing we can do for you when it comes to selecting your cloud methodology is to ensure we understand your company's overall IT goals and cater our solutions to meet or exceed them. We help you manage your cloud implementations whether they are 100% in the cloud or utilize a hybrid approach. You can learn more about hybrid cloud here.

System Standardization and Tuning

IT systems work their best and most affordably when hardware & software is kept as consistent as possible. By reducing the number of disparate tools your organization uses, we can help lower the overall burden on IT staffs, avoid compatibility issues, and improve system communication. Keeping those systems well-tuned further enhances your overall IT experience.

Enterprise Applications Support

Our Enterprise Application Support (EAS) service keeps your mission-critical applications such as ERP, Business Intelligence and Reporting tools operating at peak performance. We ensure maximum up-time for your applications with proactive monitoring and support provided by our 24/7/365 manned Network Operations Center.

Business Continuity

Although Airnet is here to support your IT needs, it is critical for every organization to put processes in place to effectively manage overall service quality when disruptive events occur. Airnet will consult and partner with you to ensure that business continuity is considered when implementing and managing essential IT functions and operations.  

Security and Compliance

In the modern age, there is no more important topic to daily IT operations than security. Airnet takes every precaution to ensure we are recommending best security practices, implementing top-notch security processes, and ensuring both your IT teams and ours are positioned to remain safe and comply with any and all regulations and rules. 


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