The Airnet Cloud Process: Assess > Plan > Migrate > AAF > Optimize > Manage

Airnet is a Gold Cloud Platform Microsoft Partner, focused on implementing Microsoft Azure and other cloud services and applications. 

The simple process map outlined below provides a high-level overview of the Airnet Cloud Process to ensure you have a high quality and successful cloud experience with us: 

airnet cloud process 2-0.PNG

Assess (Airnet Systems Assessment Tool):

It is not always quick or easy to have an accurate view of your true IT infrastructure costs. For example, you may have made investments into new equipment over time that was long forgotten or merged with a new company with disparate IT systems. Our IT infrastructure assessment tool, called the Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT), generates data to provide your organization with information on your current IT infrastructure costs, inventory, right-sizing, and performance based on over 55 system metrics. 

Once this information is calculated, we generate a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for you, comparing your current on-premises or virtual machine-based IT infrastructure cost and server structure to what it could look like deployed in Azure. We can also provide detailed server and virtual machine cloud readiness statuses with a migration plan, including what it could cost.


After we generate a detailed overview of your current IT environments from your ASAT results, Airnet can create a plan for your cloud or hybrid cloud migration. This plan includes our recommendations for system consolidation and optimization, determines server dependencies, generates overall deliverables for a successful project and states the results you can expect from migrating to the cloud.

Airnet Azure Foundations (AAF):

In between the planning and migration phase, we offer a service developed hand-in-hand with Microsoft called "Airnet Azure Foundations" to help get you up and running in the cloud faster. On average, it takes our customers about 4 hours or less to deploy a fully secure and functional Azure environment with all required subscriptions and infrastructure prepped and ready for cloud migration. 


Once you approve the plan, we will assist with your cloud migration. This migration includes determining virtualization windows based on server dependencies, executing prerequisites for the transition, providing systematic testing, implementing staged deployments, and completing full-scale on-boarding of your cloud workloads and applications.


One major advantage of working with Airnet - we do not "lift, shift, and ditch" your cloud infrastructure. Airnet is your dedicated cloud resource for managed and professional services. We provide the highest level of cloud services available. Once your cloud workloads are successfully migrated we will work with you to optimize them to provide maximum efficiency and reduce your overall IT costs. And we will revisit this as often as needed to ensure you are satisfied.


Complex IT systems can require deeper technical support to ensure you receive the highest quality service. Airnet provides the support needed to make sure your environments are communicating correctly and working optimally. Our technical support and management team is available 24/7/365 with day-to-day management, optimization, tuning, monitoring, provisioning, and troubleshooting for your IT services and workloads. Click here for more information about Airnet Managed IT Services.


Apply the Airnet Cloud Process to:

Professional IT Services

Managed IT Services

Cloud Consulting