Airnet Professional IT Services:

  • Special IT Projects

  • Low-Cost Proof of Concept Projects (Funded or Non-Funded)

  • IT Infrastructure Assessments

  • Cloud Workshops

  • Cloud Architecture

    • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Cloud Migration

  • Network and Storage Architecture

  • Identity Management Services

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Process Automation

  • Database Optimization - SQL

  • System Design and Architecture


Featured Professional Services Projects

Special IT Projects

Airnet is equipped to perform a variety of general IT professional services projects. If you have interest in IT projects that require a dedicated partner who will stick with you through completion, contact us today.

Proof of Concept Projects

Because of our Gold Microsoft Partnership, we have access to certain funding programs that can assist customers in adopting the cloud. If you have specific workloads in mind, we will work with you to move select workloads and prove the value of migrating to the cloud, even for mission-critical applications.

IT Infrastructure Assessments

Our Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT) provides your organization with server core level details on inventory, cost, and performance based on more than 55 system metrics so you can make actionable decisions, reduce cost, and be more efficient. 

Cloud Workshops

Airnet hosts workshops to educate customers on the value of the cloud, as well as to provide hands-on opportunities to play in sandbox cloud environments, create VMs, manipulate cloud data, and more. We also co-present at events around the country. 

Cloud Architecture

You have drastically different needs for your IT infrastructure than other companies, depending on your size and industry. We help architect what the cloud means for your business so you can have a consistent and repeatable framework, with supporting documentation, to migrate to the cloud. 

Cloud Migration

This might sound simplistic, but the only way to experience the benefits of the cloud is to put workloads in it! As a Gold Cloud Platform Certified Microsoft Partner, Airnet is equipped to perform migration services for a large array of workloads for companies in virtually any industry. 

Network and Storage Architecture

Airnet will analyze your business objectives and technical requirements to generate a proposed, high-level architecture design. We can also optimize your existing deployments to scale for future growth. If you need assistance in developing technology solutions from IT strategies and conceptual architectures we've got you covered.

Identity Management Services

Your company can gain powerful identity and access management capabilities. Single sign-on is available for all your business applications and always with a heavy focus on safety and security. 

Backup and Recovery

Backup (Protect) and restore your data - because your business depends on it. Move this service to the cloud and experience reliability, security, and affordability. Also, we ensure you are paying for the right amount and type of storage for your specific needs.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. But if proper precautions are taken, the effects of these disasters can be severely reduced or possibly avoided all together. Your disaster recovery plan should include replication of VMs, remote health monitoring, recovery plans, and actual recovery when things go awry. Airnet is here to assist you if disasters occur!

Process Automation

Not every business process should be automated, but for those tasks (processing large troves of data, scaling of workloads, etc.) that could use a hands-free approach to save time and cost, we will help you harness the power of cloud computing to do so. 

Database Optimization - SQL

Your data is only as good as its integrity and organization. Airnet can help you optimize and upgrade your SQL and other database platforms so they are operating at peak efficiency and performance and running on the latest and greatest versions being offered. 

System Design and Architecture

Designers design. Architects architect. Airnet designs your infrastructure systems individually, and architects a repeatable process and framework for your IT organization to follow so your systems can all work together seamlessly and cohesively. So we can do both!


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